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RISECO's Professional Content Writer Certification (PCWC)


“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”- Benjamin Franklin

PCWC is India's first comprehensive training program in Content Writing. The program is designed, developed and organized by RISECO's Sanjay Nannaparaju (Thought Leader - Content Writing). During the program paid writing assignments are provided to learners. After successful completion of the program the learners can work as Associate Content Writers (Independent Content Writers) or work as Full-time Content Writers with our clients.

This Program runs for 2 months and significantly based on online and blended learning methods, which combine the benefits of classroom and online-based learning.


2 Months/8 Weeks


*Rs.3600/- for Online Classes
*Rs.4600/- for Blended Learning Classes
(As on 9th September 2020)


In the first 4-weeks of the course, you can earn back your fee by working on our clients' content writing projects. Our sincere efforts are to put you on paid writing projects. *However, this is subject to the availability of writing projects and your competency in content writing.

You will be paid Re.1/- per word if given a writing project.


All the course participants should be ready to attend interviews, right from day one of the start of the PCWC program.


After successful completion of the course (submission of all assignments & project work), you can join our team of Associate Content Writers. You will be eligible for content writing projects which you can manage independently.

Associate Content Writers are paid Re 1/- per word

About Course Trainer: 

Sanjay Nannaparaju has been a Web Content Writer and English Trainer for the last two decades, starting in November 2000. He works with companies as Content & Media Specialist and also manages RISECO. At Google Search more than 3000 links refer to his writings and postings at different online platforms.

Sanjay is a qualified English Trainer and Content Writer. His qualifications are BA English, MA English, PG Diploma in Linguistics, PG Diploma in Adult Education & Development, PG Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication, PG Diploma in Teaching of English, and PG Diploma in E-Learning. Importantly, he scored a distinction (77%) in the prestigious Post Graduate Diploma in E-Learning (PGDEL) 2012 Batch of Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU).

Sanjay brings his seasoned experience and professional tact to the PCWC course. His objective is to train (online) young and budding writers in the art of content writing and equip them with the right skill set to become successful content writers. He provides comprehensive content writing training and complete placement support to aspiring content writers.

Sanjay offers end-to-end content writing solutions. He teams up with Associate Content Writers to handle large content writing projects. He assures timely delivery, originality and high quality of content to small and medium enterprises. He specializes in on-page and off-page content optimization techniques.

Now, Sanjay is an authority and Thought Leader on all matters concerning Content Writing. He and his team of 17 Associate Writers offer content services, that include Web Content Writing, Article Writing, Brochure-Flyer Writing, Email Writing, Assignment Writing and all Social Media Writing. He also goes a mile ahead to drive more value for his clients by providing support on Online Live Text Corrections Services, and Youtube Business Video Services. He also offers high value-driven Social Media Optimization Services.

PCWC Course Content: 

Introduction, Writing, Business Writing, Web Content Writing, Editing, Web Content Editing, Blog Writing, Article Writing, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Blogger, and Google+) Postings, Article-Video Conversions, Newsletter, Brochure Writing, Press Releases, Practicals 1 & 2, Project Work.


STEP 1: Take the Screening Test. (If you qualify the Screening Test, you can Register for the course).

STEP 2: Register for the course by paying the fee of Rs.3600/- for Online Classes, and Rs.4600/- for Blended Learning Classes. For Blended Learning learners, there will be a face-to-face class at RISECO, every Sunday from 11 AM to 11.45 AM

STEP 3: Use your login ID and PW (sent to you) to access the Blackboard Learn LMS

STEP 5: Complete 15 Modules, 2 Practicals, and 1 Project Work

STEP 6: Complete Assignments, publish and participate at the Discussion Forum.

STEP 7: Start working on Content Writing Projects and also avail our Placement Assistance.


This Screening Test aims to check your creativity, originality, sentence structure, usage and vocabulary.

This Screening Test should not be taken as an evaluation of your written communication. Personally, I consider that,  though everyone is good at writing, only a few can sustain interest in writing and survive by making writing as a full-time profession. This Test helps to assess each aspiring content writer's passion for content writing.

Please write 50 words on each of the following.

1. Myself
2. Most lovable person in my life
3. Why I like to become a content writer?
4. My hobby
5. My favorite book
6. A recent news item
7. A memorable experience
8. The movie I liked most
9. My favorite sport
10. The teacher I admire most

Mail your write-ups to


1. Screening Test is mandatory for admission into the course.
2. Screening Test can be taken at any time in the month.
3. New Batch begins on Monday.
4. The course runs for 8-weeks (two months) only.
5. Only 10 participants are taken into each Batch.
6. The Course fee should be paid immediately after clearing the Screening Test.
7. There is no refund of the Course Fee.
8. The course includes 15 Modules, 2 Practicals and 1 Project Work.
9. Read two Modules every week. Module 1 from Monday to Wednesday, and Module 2 from Thursday to Saturday of each week.
10. After reading each Module, the concerned Assignment should be submitted at the Discussion Forum (at LMS). Expert feedback on Assignments is provided promptly.
11. Discussions on doubts/contents of the course modules may happen based on mutually convenient timing.
12. Course certification is auto-generated by the system, and can be downloaded as PDF anytime.
13. To avail the Placement Assistance you need to submit all assignments on time.
14. Content developed by program participants is the property of the concerned client/business only.
15. Leaves Policy: If the course participant takes more than two weeks leave or if the participant fails to submit assignments continuously for two weeks, he/she has to rejoin the course, by paying the fee.

All other terms and conditions at the discretion of RISECO only.



1. Arun Kumar 2. Kartik 3. Poongothai 4. Sravanthi 5. Sindhu 6. Vasant 7. Reethika 8. Bindu Mishra 9. Madhava 10. Pankaj 11. Anil 12. Pradhan 13. Shanmukha 14. Vani Prasad


1. Swapnil Sahu (US) 2. Alaknanda (Hyd) 3. Venkateswara Rao (Hyd) 4. Raghuveer (New Delhi) 5. Sri Latha (Vizag) 6. Lakshmi Parimala (Hyd) 7. Syed Abubakar Ali (Hyd) 8. Vaishali (Hyd) 9. Anantalakshmi (Pune) 10. Krishna Kumar (Hyd)


1. Vijayalakshmi (Hyd) 2. Vishwanath (Hyd)


1. Satish (Hyd) 2. Prakash (Hyd) 3. Nova Anjum (Hyd) 4. Vishwanath (Hyd)


1. Sowmya Pandey (Hyd) 2. Nizamuddin (Hyd)


1. Naveen (Hyd) 2. Varsha (Hyd) 3. Lahari (Hyd) 4. Vijayshree (Hyd) 5. Lakshmi (Hyd)


1. Rajesh (Hyd) 2. Avinash (Hyd) 3. Vittala (Vizag) 4. Madhulatha (Hyd) 5. Kavya (Hyd) 6. Simran (Hyd) 7. Bindu (Hyd) 8. Vinay (Hyd) 9. Vijay Kumar (Hyd) 10. Gangadhar 11. Rupali 12. Rajesh (Hyd)


1. Sandhya (Hyd) 2. Shanthini (Tirunelveli) 3. Akash Aluri (Mahbubnagar) 4. Srivarsha (Hyd) 5. Srisailam (Nizamabad)


1. Amit Kumar (Bangalore) 2. Malathi (Gutur) 3. Sravya (Hyd) 4. Ajay Chandra (Hyd) 5. Srilatha (Hyd) 6. Sampath Reddy (Hyd) 

Best PCWC Participants

1. Vaishali 2. Vijayalakshmi 3. Sowmya 4. Bindu 5. Shanthini 6. Raghu 

Testimonials of Program Participants

I would like to sincerely thank you for your inspiring and motivating appreciation. I could do all of this only because of your support and trust in me. You have given me a great platform to perform, for which I will always be grateful to you. This appreciation is the greatest achievement of my life. You have shown me a creative career avenue and now writing has become my passion forever. You are my Ideal, and I'll always be in touch with you. Thank you Sir...... Regards, Swapnil Sahu

Thank you so much for your kind motivating words sir 😊 I value them so much. I'm grateful to you and your teachings. You've helped me a lot in the initial stage of my career Vijaya ACW

When I see myself transformed from a mere essay/story writer to a professional content/technical writer, my first meeting with you flashes in my mind. I remember you saying that writing is an art n not just money making tool. I thank you today for introducing me to this perpetual career - Vaishali ACW

RISECO (RAMESH INSTITUTE of Spoken English and Content Writing) is a registered MSME business. RISECO offers enrichment programs in English Proficiency, Soft Skills, Content Writing and E-Learning. Mr Sanjay Nannaparaju is the Director & Content Specialist at RISECO. He has 20+ years of experience in teaching, training, content, media and branding. He has worked with more than 12 companies (GLOBARENA, ICFAI, SATYAM, YASHODA, MAXCURE, PRAGATI) at different levels. His qualifications: MA English Literature (AU), PG Dip in Linguistics (AU) PG Dip in Adult Ed & Development (AU), PGDTE (EFLU) and PGDEL (IGNOU). Sanjay is the top scorer/ranker in the Post Graduate Diploma in E-Learning 2012 Batch of Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi. He is the author of the book "Professional Content Writer Certification."

* RISECO's Course Certifications are validated, approved and accepted by employers and academic institutions across India.